Tensile Membrane

Tensile shades also known as Tensioned fabric structure are considered as the architecture of new generation, offers the best solution for many of your requirements in fabric shade structures. It is a pre-engineered fabric membrane structure ready to install as per the needs. Tensile shades provide shades as well as a visually pleasing and efficient solution for many environmental and aesthetic challenges. Apart from providing protection from sun and ultra violet rays, tensile shades are environment friendly and satisfy your needs for green design concept.



  • Available fabrics are PVC, HOPE, and PTFE.
  • Available steel structure is GI, and MS Structure.
  • PVC, HOPE & PTFE coated polyester is the Best Fabric with different properties in a design, Lasts up to 20 years.


  • Unique building medium.
  • Lightweight and flexible - fabric interacts with and expresses natural forces.
  • Tensile fabric structures are an environmentally sensitive medium and have higher strength/weight ratio than concrete or steel.
  • Tension is the most efficient way of using any material, it utilizes the material at maximum efficiency rather than just the material at the extremes of the cross sectional form, as in bending and compression loads.
  • Most fabrics can be recycled.


  • Flame radiant
  • Tear Resistant
  • Acoustic Comfort
  • Visual Comfort
  • Dimensional
  • Thermal Comfort
  • UV Resistant
  • Snow Resistant
  • Wind Resistant


Tensile fabric shade designs are suitable for indoor and outdoor shades and can be well collaborated to any architectures, landscaping, commercial, industrial, residential, and cultural buildings etc.

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Types of tensile membrane

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