The bearing system of our product set is imported from Germany. ventilator
can reach the biggest exhaust volume & the fastest heat-radiating effect. Our turbine
ventilator helps reduce 4-6 more degrees Celsius of the indoor temperature than
other products do.



1. The hot air inside rises and discharge form the gap of the 24pcs blades. The wind power can make the sphere rotate.
2.The airflow inside exhausts out, and it makes the indoor and outdoor temperature difference and leads to air convection to push the ventilator work.
3.Breeze could bring air pressure to drive the sphere. Therefore, ventilator runs without any electricity.

Size: 20"
Material : Stainless Steel 430


  • Firm & durable
  • Corrision resistant
  • Bearing system run smoothly & easily with light breeze.
  • Rain resistant
  • Noise resistant 
  • Anti dust
  • Natural Light Illumination


  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Anti Corrosion
  • Minimal maintenance 
  • Cost saving by reducing electricity usage
  • Durable
  • Anti-dust 
  • Less noise


Widely used for commercial and industrial projects such as factories, warehouses, condominium, cabin. hoarding and etc

Product Features

  • Firm & durable: Our product is with many patent techniques and it makes our product quality is much superior than others.
  • Corrision resistance: Our product is made of the stainless steel 430.
  • Bearing system: The bearing system is imported from Germany. Besides, there are dust covers on the bearing, so the sphere can run smoothly & easily with light breeze.
  • Rain resistance: When the sphere rotates, it can generate the centrifugal force which can get rid of the rain. Also, the front part of the blade forms the arc shape, and it can achieve the better rain resistance effect.
  • Without any noise: The sphere is rotated by breeze, without any electric power. Therefore, it can prevent any noise concern from the electric motor power.
  • Anti-dust: The ventilator keeps working all the time. The dust is not easy to cover on it, so there's no need to clean the ventilator
  • Nature light: The gap between the blades can make the nature light penetrate the indoor. It would increase about 20% illumination. In this way, it can save the electricity cost.

Product Installation

1.Drill a hole where is ready to install a turbine ventilator on the roof.
2.Connect the opening of bottom part with the hole on the roof.
3.Put top of the bottom underneath the roof ridge, and use self-drilling screws to fasten the bottom. Then, apply the silicone around the bottom and the screws to avoid the water leakage.
4.Connect the middle part with the bottom together. Next, adjust the middle part to be level and use self-drilling screws to fasten the middle part.
5.Finally, use self-drilling screws to fasten the upper part.

Adjust the middle part to be level so that the upper part would not be lean. It can make the durable life of the upper part to be longer. Please apply the silicone around the screws so that it can avoid the water leakage.
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