Commercial Plywoods

Using hardwood and thicker veneer for its face and back, the commercial plywood has been popular for its everlasting rigidity and stability.



The profile is fixed on a specially designed clip, manufactured from a high tensile steel base and designed to withhold high wind pressure. This provides accuracy, economy and ease during the installation and makes it a superior lasting product design.


  • Custom made lengths with options for on-site rilling
  • Long spanning capacity
  • Available in various thicknesses steel roofing & colours
  • Good rain water flow capacity


  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Anti Corrosion
  • Minimal maintenance with no leakage
  • Cost saving by reducing number of truss and purlin required
  • Durable


Widely used  for interior application as furniture,roofing panel, underlayment , subfoor; for exterior application as building materials, fences, signs and so on.

Product Features

The plywood is flat and smooth . This grade of plywood is very much common and required at large quantity. The inner quality of the BB/CC grade plywood varies from a lower quality C+ grade to a much better A+ grade . Accordingly, the prices of BB/CC grade range from economical to expensive .

WBP Plywood

  • Manufacturing dimensions:

    Thickness:     2.7mm – 25.0mm Panel
    Size:    1220mm x 2440mm  panels                         
                 915mm x 1830mm  panels

Marine Plywood

  • Not all marine plywoods are the same.  We use quality plywood as it is rated “durable” and suitable for boatbuilding  and other high end marine applications.  Our quality plywood is superior, offering better insulation, strength, face veneer quality and appearance, and workability. 

TEGO Plywood

TEGO plywood are not only water boiling proof , they are commonly used for formworks which the smooth film face will not be stained with casted concrete after the application.
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