Profit Roller Shutter Door

The Profit roller shutter roller doors open vertically and require minimum space inside your space/garage . This construction principle means you can make full use of the space inside and also the ceiling remains free.



Our roller garage doors aren’t just practical masterpieces; they also look great. Thanks to the wide range of Colourbond colours, we can use for your door’s finish, it’s incredibly easy to select a hue that complements your house’s existing aesthetic. Or you can be bold and choose a garage colour that will stand out as a highlight of your home’s exterior – the choice is yours!


  • Stronger
  • Quieter
  • Morereliable.
  • Durability
  • Available in various thicknesses & colours
  • Anti- corrision.


  • Safe
  • Quite & Smooth
  • Stylish Design & Colors
  • Durable
  • Motor/ Manual Operation
  • Lightweight


Widely used for commercial and industrial projects such as factories, condominium, cabin. hoarding and etc

Product Features

Meterial Specifications

Product Features

Technical Specifications

Product Features

With the vehicle charger, you can easily open the door without a UPS during power failure.

Colour Selection

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