Floor deck-51 is a purpose designed trapezoidal composite flooring profile and is the most advanced composite decking in the region, It incorporates the specific floor decking required by designers, developers, engineers and builders, resulting in a revolutionary geometrical dimensions profile.



The Floor Deck-51 is a trapezium-shaped steel sheet that is an integral part of the composite steel deck floors. Steel Deck Flooring typically consists of 3 major elements: Floor Deck 51, concrete and light meshes to control cracking. The profiled steel deck acts as easy to install shuttering to contain the setting concrete.


  • made of high tensile steel, with minimum yield strength of 550MpA.
  • minimum zinc coating mass of 270g/m3.
  • capable of supporting formworks.
  • structural design and superior material quality ensures site safety.


  • Quicker Installation
  • no scaffolding support required
  • Improved Structural Strength
  • Cost Saving
  • Made from high tensile steel
  • minimum yield strength of 550Mpa
  • minimum zinc coating mass of 270g/m3.
  • Better safety at site.
  • Faster construction.
  • Consecutive floor level can be carried out concurrently.
  • Reduce wood material wastage and storage problems.
  • No premature formwork removal
  • better floor quality.


Widely used for commercial and industrial projects such as factories, condominium, cabin. hoarding and etc

Product Features

  • FLOOR DECK-51 should be kept dry during storage before it is used. It should be stacked clear off the ground with timber sleepers and covered to prevent water penetration into the bundles. If the bundles become wet during transportation or storage, the deck plates must be separated and wiped with a clean cloth as quickly as possible.
    When lifting the deck plates whilst loading or unloading or when lifting it onto the floor frame structure, care must be taken to prevent the bundles or loose pieces from dropping to the ground or hanging against the building.
Material Specifications :
• High tensile steel with minimum yield strength of 550Mpa and a minimum zinc coating mass of 270g/m².

Tolerances :
• FLOOR DECK-51 are produced within the following tolerances: 
     • Length : 10mm
     • Cover : 10mm
     • Thickness : 0.02mm

Embossments :
• Raised pigeon tail pattern embossments on each face of the web provides the mechanical connection between the steel and the hardened concrete.

Normal weight concrete

Product Installation

Floor Deck-51 Formwork for Concrete Frame
Floor Deck-51 Formwork for Steel Frame


Generally gaps are sealed with waterproof tape by sandwiching contraction joint materials between the abutting ends of the Floor Deck-51 sheet. If there is a sizeable gap, you may have to support the waterproof tape.

Fixing of the Floor Deck

Fixing of the Floor Deck

Construction Details

Construction Details
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