JSR Clip Lock Optima 730

JSR Clip Lock Optima 730 is a new generation of widest-cover concealed-fixed cladding. Made of high tensile of 550 MPa yield strength, it spans widest, with better uplift performance than all available comparable profiles.



Clip Lock Optima 730 is a new generation of widest-cover concealed-fixed cladding.


  • Custom made lengths with options for on-site rilling
  • Long spanning capacity
  • Available in various thicknesses steel roofing & colours
  • Good rain water flow capacity


  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Anti Corrosion
  • Minimal maintenance with no leakage
  • Cost saving by reducing number of truss and purlin required
  • Durable


Widely used for commercial and industrial projects such as factories, condominium, cabin. hoarding and etc

Product Features

  • Besides the innovation on the profile designs, JSR also ensure material of the highest quality are used and the latest fabrication technology are deployed. JSR uses high grade steel sheets such as  Zincalume, andClean Colorbond to fabricate metal roof products. The selected alloy steel raw material are chosen also for their strong anti corrosion properties built in. To ensure material quality consistency and strength, we use the latest Cold Roll Form process. This method ensures the metal roof is high tensile throughout the entire sheet. This method allows us to fabricate long span metal roofing or wall claddings.

Product Installation

  • Orientation of Sheet before Lifting

    Consider which end of the building is best to start from. For maximum weather - tightness, start laying sheets from the
    end of the building that will be downwind of the worst - anticipated or prevailing weather.
    It is much easier and safer to turn sheets on the ground than up on the roof. Before lifting sheets onto the roof, check
    that they are the correct way up and the overlapping side is towards the edge of the roof from which installation will

Colour Selection

  • Another key benefit of the special higher rib profile is to allow excellent water discharge capability even at a minimum roof pitch of just 1 degree. Moreover, the higher rib height (39mm) enable tighter gap coverage which significantly minimizes water leakage between roof sheets.
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